Hilarious Prison Break Video Goes Viral after Prisoners Trying to Escape Using Hijacked Helicopter Repeatedly Fail to Climb Over the Wall

While prison breaks are dangerous, very serious incidents, the internet could not help but laugh at two would be escapees whose armed accomplices had hijacked a helicopter to facilitate their escape yet the two prisoners repeatedly failed to scale the jail wall to reach the top of the building where the hijacked chopper was waiting.

You might also be surprised to learn that jail guards were actually the ones who took the video of this daring escape! Apparently, the guards were unarmed at the time and had no choice but to let the armed accomplices dictate what happens in the incident; unfortunately for the accomplices, their efforts were in vain because no matter how hard the prisoners tried, they just could not reach the chopper!

Perhaps they should have brought rope ladders instead of the ordinary rope – there might have been a chance that the two would have successfully made their escape.

The prisoners were identified as Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau and Danny Provencal who tried to escape from St-Jérôme Prison in Quebec, Canada back in 2013; the video had only gone viral recently after it was released during the trial of Hudon-Barbeau for an unrelated crime.

Watch the rather hilarious footage of the prisoners miserably failing at executing what would have been an epic escape worthy of the movies:

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