Hilarity Ensues when Bogart the Explorer Interviews Hugh Jackman

Shouting Hugh Jackman, “Wulbirin”!!! at the top of his lungs at the end of the interview, Bogart the Explorer shows just how much he enjoyed the session he did with Chappie’s handsome villain.

Alright, we have to set the record straight here – the Wolverine is, in no way, involved in this movie but everyone knows Hugh Jackman plays the character so Bogart’s excitement is quite understandable. After all, it is every movie fan’s dream to speak with awesome personalities like Jackman and Bogart was given that perfect chance. Though it was for a different movie, who cares?

Photo credit: PaperbugTV

In keeping with his character, Bogart speaks with his Australian accent – something Aussie Jackman enjoyed. The actor laughed hard at Bogart’s antics. It was a bit on the crazy side as opposed to something more serious you would expect from a journalist but, remember, that Bogart is not your typical journalist and if you have watched his videos, the way the interview went was truly something you can expect from him. It was cool!

Here’s the hilarious video…