His Mom was Cooking His Favorite Dish…Her Secret Ingredient Shocked Him

How well do you know your mom and the tasty dishes she makes in your kitchen? We’re quite sure you have favorite dishes that only your mom could cook – but what happens when you discover something you never expected in the dish your mom always cooks? Hmmm

For Mikey Bustos, a popular Filipino Canadian personality, adobo is a dish he truly enjoys eating. So, one day, while his mom is cooking the dish, he spies on her to discover her secret ingredient for making this tasty Filipino dish super yummy.

Together with a friend, he went to great lengths to spy on his mom but was shocked at discovering her secret ingredient is something he does not approve of.

What happened next? Watch the video to find out. By the way, the video is entitled “Adobo” for the recipe Mikey’s mom is cooking. The song is a funny parody of “Let It Go”.