His Paycheck May Be Small but You’ll Admire What He Does Every Payday

In giving, it is the thought that counts, not the amount. Of course, the bigger amount would be more helpful to the recipient yet a smaller amount could be more precious, especially if it means the giver had to sacrifice a lot just so he/she could shell out that money.

One excellent example is 18-year-old Kristopher Hudson who works at a Walmart outlet in Bryant, Arkansas. The young man’s paycheck might be small as this was only a summer job for him – and he is also saving up for college – yet he sets aside a couple of dollars each payday just to buy school stuff to donate to the kids.

The store collects school materials such as crayons, paper, pencils, and various stuff to distribute to less fortunate kids – and Kristopher would buy some each payday to add to the items on the boxes where he works.

Truly, Kristopher needs the money for college, for food, and for personal items yet he sacrifices his own happiness just to give smiles to kids he does not even know personally. What a great young man!

Check out his story in this video: