His Wife Told Him to Get Rid of the Tree Stump… But He Turned it Into this Stunning Sculpture!

What would you do if there was a tree stump in your yard, especially an ugly and useless one? I bet most of us would just chop it down for firewood and get rid of the ugly thing that’s giving a negative value to the house’s curb appeal.

Well, there’s this one husband who was told by his wife to get rid of the tree stump in their yard. Cutting it down was surely the first that would come out of my mind if I was in his shoes but this husband had other plans for the stump.

After all, it does look promising as something else. Just by looking at it, you know that it has the potential to become something else – although I wouldn’t know how to handle it since I’m not artistic. Thankfully, this guy was a sculptor… and he managed to turn this ugly tree trunk into something amazing! Isn’t this wonderful?

Photo credit: Facebook/Globe Today
Photo credit: Facebook/Globe Today

And just in case you are thinking that the sculpture could not be from the same tree trunk because of the background and the height, well, look closely. The “After” photo was actually a closer shot; thus, it makes the angel appear to have a larger base and longer body than it was supposed to have based on the angle of the “Before” photo.

What do you think?