Homeless Child Freezes in the Cold…And No One Dared to Help Him

It is hard to be homeless, especially in countries where there is snow and very low temperatures to deal with. You can freeze anytime, especially if you do not have the right clothes to wear.

So, the guys from OckTV made a social experiment to check just how people would empathize with a homeless guy freezing in the street. However, it would not be just any homeless guy but one who is still a child.

What would the people do? Would they rush in to help this kid or would they just pass him by? How many people actually helped him out and how long did it take before people started helping him?

You have to watch this video and check out for yourselves whether people in the city are compassionate with the poor or whether they are invisible to them.

The guys in the video said it took some 2 hours before someone began helping the child. I understand their drive for the social experiment but did they really have to risk hypothermia for this child just to make a point?

What do you think of this video?