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Homeless Employee Thought She’s Training a New Hire but it Turns Out He’s the CEO! And Her Life Will Soon Change

Living in a homeless shelter with her 3 kids, Angel has been through tough times; though she considers living in the shelter so much better than what they experienced in the past as they slept in bus stops or at places where there is a dry floor and a roof above their heads.

Still, the experience has made Angel stronger. She does not want others to pity her – and she works hard at a branch of Modell’s Sporting Goods where she was among the first employees.

Meanwhile, Modell’s Sporting Goods CEO Mitchell Modell agreed to take part with the reality show, “Undercover Boss” on CBS. He went on disguise and spent a week at the branch on the guise that he’s one of the contestants of a show that would give money for a startup capital for business.

Inside the branch, he met a lot of people but it was Angel who touched his life the most. She worked hard with dedication and patiently helped train him with the things he should do in the shop. To encourage him to work hard so he could win the contest, she told him her life story.

Little did Angel know that those words of encouragement not only touched this undercover CEO but would also lead to unexpected rewards for her and her family.

Watch Angel’s story here:

Watch here the full episode featuring Angel and the CEO of Modell’s Sporting Goods:

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