Homeless Man Becomes a Millionaire in Just 5 Years After Starting a Natural Juice Business

Down on his luck and turning to ***** to forget his problems, Khalil Rafiti was locked in a hopeless situation. It didn’t help that he lived in the streets and really seemed to have a bleak future.

Living in absolute poverty, it seemed that there was no hope for Rafiti to have a better life. Thankfully, a friend suggested that he open a natural juice business. He started out with patients and staff at the Riviera Recovery Center, an institution in Malibu, CA, that also helped him recover from drug addiction.

Psalm 103 1 – 5 People always ask me what it means, well this is what it means!

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Would you believe that in just 5 years, not only was he able to turn his life around, he had also made a name for himself in the natural juice business and now has several celebrities as regular customers?


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SunLife Organics offers a variety of unique drinks with various natural ingredients on the menu, including anything from smoothies to fruit cocktails and frozen yogurt! Their signature drink, the “Wolverine” smoothie made up of dates and bananas is a must-try and is popular among their clients.

Today, Rafiti looks healthy and truly happy – so much different from the grubby malnourished homeless guy he had been just some years ago!

His story simply shows that everyone can truly turn their life around, if only they had the courage and willpower to try…

13 Years sober today! Thank you God for my beautiful life❤️🙏🏽!!!

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