Homeless Man Receives Gifts on His Birthday…His Reaction had Me Crying

A lot of us take things for granted, including receiving presents during birthdays and special occasions, while there are many people who have become virtually invisible to us; people who do not receive presents nor get to spend time with their families during special events.

This is what happened to a man named Albert. He is spending his birthday in the streets – just like all the birthdays he’s had these past couple of years.

What made this particular birthday special is that it so happened that some guys had given him some stuff to help him have a better life in the streets. He told them it was his 66th birthday. He also shared a whimsical wish with them.

When they granted the wish, Albert was so overwhelmed that he cried right then and there. He was not ashamed to show his feelings to these kind strangers who gave him an awesome birthday surprise he would surely remember in the years to come.

Watch the tear-jerking video here: