Homeless Man Spends Two Days Finding Owner of Bag with iPhone and $300, Receives $3,500 Reward for His Honesty

When 20-year-old Daisy Owen from Breightmet, Manchester lost her bag at a pub, she never thought she’d get back her iPhone, $300, and some personal effects but she would be surprised to learn that a homeless man had been looking for her for 2 days just to return the items!

He might be homeless but Paul Calderbank knows that he shouldn’t take things that are not his. So, when he found a lady’s purse outside a pub, he didn’t feel the least bit tempted to take the things inside.

Photo credit: Daisy Owen / Facebook

He perused the contents to find a way to reach the owner but was only able to find the owner’s name: Daisy Owen.

With no way to contact Owen as her phone is in the purse, Calderbank began to ask girls around her age if they knew her.

He was, of course, aware that someone could claim to own the bag or might even accuse him of stealing it. To disprove the latter, he wrote a lengthy note to explain how he found the bag and is now trying to find the owner; he taped the letter outside the bag.

Photo credit: Daisy Owen / Facebook

Knowing he might not find her or anyone who knows her, Calderbank planned on taking a hike to her home address to personally return her belongings – even when her house is 4 km away.

Calderbank could barely afford to buy food yet he didn’t try to sell the phone or spend Owen’s money. He even felt excited to do ‘some detective work’ to find the rightful owner.

Photo credit: Daisy Owen / Facebook

The excited amateur detective finally met one of Owen’s friends after 2 days.

I got a message off a friend asking if I lost all my stuff. He said that a homeless man had been stopping all girls around my age and asking them if they knew Daisy Owen,” she recalled.

As soon as I got the message I raced straight into Bolton. I was trying to talk to all the homeless people I could see. I had just about admitted defeat when I saw a group of three homeless people and asked them.

Wary that she might not be the real owner, Calderbank quizzed her about the contents of the bag and her address. It was only when he felt satisfied she gave the right answers that he finally gave her the bag.

Photo credit: Daisy Owen / Facebook

She didn’t have a lot of money to give him but the millennial knew the best way to reward him. She set up a crowdfunding page for Calderbank – and it has received close to $3,500.

At the moment he is staying in a hostel, but he can’t afford it anymore so I either want to put the money towards a deposit on flat or few months at the hostel,” Owen revealed.

Photo credit: Daisy Owen / Facebook

Indeed, Calderbank could have kept the money and feed himself for a few days but because of his honesty, he’s set to have a home for at least a couple of months plus enough money for food.

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