Homeless Man Who Kept Couple from Freezing, Gets a Job and Earns Good Friends

“The evil you do, remains with you! The good you do, comes back to you!”

When Charlotte Ellis and boyfriend Taylor Waldon missed the last train for home in Hutton, United Kingdom, they had to wait four hours in the freezing cold for the first trip the following day.

Seeing the couple’s plight, a homeless man named Joey approached them and offered his jacket and duvet so they wouldn’t freeze in the cold. He had no idea that the small act of kindness would quickly be returned by the couple.

Photo credit: Charlotte Ellis / Facebook

That morning, Charlotte and Taylor offered Joey their home so he could bathe, eat, and get a good night sleep. He refused at first but because Charlotte insisted and wouldn’t get on the train without him, he reluctantly agreed.

For the kindness he showed them, without asking for anything in return, Joey got a great reward from the couple – for not only did they let him sleep at their home that night, they would accept him as a permanent house guest and even helped him find a job! One of their friends also gave him a phone.

From a jobless homeless guy who ‘lived’ at the train station, Joey got a job and earned new friends because of his kindness. Isn’t that wonderful?

The internet wasn’t so supportive of the couple’s decision, however; many people believe that while theirs was a happy ending, it was still crazy that they let a homeless man into their house and even let him sleep there for the night!

[L-R] Brad (the couple’s friend who helped Joey get a job), Joey, and Taylor
Photo credit: Taylor Waldon / Facebook
Because Joey was ‘homeless’ people were quick to judge and even though I do understand why people panic, but why should it be that way? Why have we let it get this way? It doesn’t need to be this way? We are all the same, the same beginning the same end. Just some people carry more paper than the next in between,” Charlotte wrote on Facebook.

Just because someone is ‘homeless’ it doesn’t make them any less of a person than me or you and it doesn’t mean that all ‘homeless’ people are drug or alcohol abusers, not all homeless people should be instantly tarnished as bad people. They are just like me and you.

Watch their heartwarming story here:


Today we met the young couple whose random act of kindness changed one man’s life forever. Watch the heartwarming interview again below👇

Posted by This Morning on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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