Homeless Woman Receives Mixed Reactions for Adopting Puppy after Someone Gave Her a Lot of Money

If you give a homeless person a lot of money, you would surely expect that he/she would buy food, water, and perhaps clothes, right? Well, one woman chose to adopt a pet instead; and her choice was met with varied reactions on social media.

Das, the host of YouTube channel K3TV show, was filmed by his crew as he talked to a woman at the side of a building in Santa Monica, California. The woman admitted that she and her son were homeless.

As the show wanted to make a social experiment on what people would do if they were given money, the woman appeared to be the perfect subject. Das gave her $283 and told her to spend it any way she wanted so that she and her son wouldn’t have to spread their finances too thinly even for just a couple of days.

Photo credit: K3TV show / YouTube

The woman didn’t want to accept the money at first but later did when Das insisted. She hugged him and thanked God for this good fortune. Then, Das left; but the camera crew followed the woman around.

As expected, she went to a store and began browsing through the merchandise. But the crew was puzzled when she went out without buying a thing. Then, she treated herself to some ice cream at a café before going to more stores. But she still didn’t buy a thing there – she was just window shopping.

The crew was ready to give up when the saw her going to a quiet part of Santa Monica where there appeared to be no shops. Then, she went inside an animal rescue center.

Forty five minutes later, the homeless woman went out of the center with a puppy in hand! Das was waiting for her outside.

Hey! We’ve been following you. We watched you skip over every clothing store, over every little… you adopted a dog with the money I gave you?” Das asked.

Photo credit: K3TV show / YouTube

Yeah. I just… I don’t know. Out of everything that I’ve seen today, it seemed much more… caring to have a dog,” the woman replied. She admitted to touching the clothes and wishing to buy some but what really caught her eye were the many people walking around the city with their dogs.

Instead of buying material things, she wanted something that she could love, hold, and talk to.

The woman’s choice led to some debate on social media. While the show’s crew gave her more money and helped buy stuff for the dog because they admired her choice, a lot of netizens believed she had just gotten herself another mouth to feed.

Since she’s homeless, the dog will be homeless as well – and she would have to find a way to feed herself, her son, and the dog when the money runs out!

Others believe she made the right choice, though.

She has been abandoned and forgotten by all of us.  Instead of spoiling herself, she uses whatever she has to give another abandoned living thing someone to love and look out for them,” someone wrote and explained her choice.

Do you think she did the right thing?