Horrifying Alien-like Creature with Hairy Tentacles is Captured on Video

A monster insect with a huge orange body and wiggling hairy tentacles is a very big ‘NOPE’ straight out from nightmares.

The insect was filmed wiggling its body and the tentacles up and down. While spiders still rule as the creepiest of the creepy crawlies, this thing is ‘hands down’ a new level.

Image: YouTube / News Live

Things like this will make the internet collectively say ‘Nope!’ If you are unfamiliar, a ‘nope’ is an internet slang for the ultimate rejection on creepy things and it is usually associated with spiders. Post some creepy spiders or insects and it is guaranteed that you will get a ‘Nope nope nope’ comment and a suggestion to burn your house down.

While there are so many things that are fake in the internet, this is actually a real insect. This is a Creatonotos gangis moth which can be found in Southeast Asia countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Japan and Thailand. They can also be found in the home of the biggest ‘nopes’, Australia.

Despite its creepy appearance, like most moths, it is actually not harmful to humans.  Still, these insects are known to wreak havoc on plants, especially pomegranate trees.

However, the appearance of this insect is a guaranteed instant kill for most people.