Hotel Sogo Branch Collapses, Netizens Post Hilarious Memes and Jokes

It is definitely not good to laugh at the misfortune of others, but netizens wish to make exceptions for a budget hotel that recently collapsed in Malate, Manila.

Known for its popularity as a ‘short time’ hangout for sweethearts (whatever that means, we’re innocent! LOL), Hotel Sogo has long been the subject of jokes and memes that relate their branches to ‘earthquakes’.

Photo credit: Inquirer

At around 9:30 AM on Monday, September 23, a branch of Hotel Sogo in Malate, Manila collapsed.

As of press time, two workers are reportedly trapped inside the collapsed building. The two who remain unnamed were last seen at the left side of the third floor of the building. The remaining twenty workers of the hotel have been accounted for.

Photo credit: Inquirer

First responders were quick to arrive at the scene. Manila Mayor Isko Moreno also rushed to the area to survey the damage.

Definitely, may na-stranded sa loob… We’re after doon sa kaligtasan ng mga naipit sa loob,” Moreno said.

Photo credit: Inquirer

While there were reports that the Hotel Soho branch at Mabini Street is undergoing demolition, Moreno did not confirm this. However, a lot of netizens commented that though the building appears to be under demolition, there were 22 workers assigned there – and there are also tarpaulin signs pointing customers to the check-in area.

The mayor has ordered the hotel to check whether there are still customers checked in when the accident happened. He also added that the hotel should not entertain customers for safety purposes, until the place is declared safe by the authorities.

Photo credit: Inquirer

Memes and Jokes Flood Social Media

But even as rescuers move quickly to save the trapped workers, social media is abuzz with hilarious mems and jokes regarding the incident.

When a legendary meme became a reality hehe,” one netizen pointed out.

Humina ang pundasyon dahil araw araw niyayanig yan, lam niyo naman ang mga parokyano ni Sogo na mahihilig mag short time,” another netizen joked.

Lakas ng lindol sa Sogo naramdaman daw sa buong building ang intensity 6.9 ang lakas kya bumigay ang building,” another one agreed.

Photo credit: Inquirer

Palagi kasing lumilindol dyan kaya di na nakayaan ng building.. LOL,” a netizen also joked.

Grabe hindi kinaya ng Building ang lakas ng mga naka checkin nag sabay sabay hahaha,” another added.

Others joked that if there were still customers trapped inside, they probably wouldn’t want to get out or be rescued because their real partners might catch them. Oooops.

Despite the memes and jokes, though, we are hoping that the workers and whoever might still be trapped inside will be rescued soon…

Sources: Inquirer, ABS-CBN News