How to Fix a Broken Zipper…I Wish I Knew This Earlier!

With a lot of things closed using zippers, we are bound to encounter a few that refuse to close because the zipping mechanism only glides over the teeth but never close them back again.

This is kind of frustrating, especially if it happens to your favorite pair of pants or the bag you always want to use every day. Often, people would resort to having the zippers replaced – if they really wish to keep the item whose zippers broke down – or simply discard the broken item and but a replacement.

Well, here’s some good news! You don’t have to do any of those because there is a quick and easy way to fix those broken zippers. All you would need is a pair of long-nose pliers.

The trick to fixing broken zippers was shared by UCAN Zippers USA. It is very easy to do – it is so easy that I wish I had known about this before! Check out this trick in this video: