HR Manager Mocks Applicant’s Broken English, Gets Fired from Job after Story Goes Viral

It is a sad reality these days that people often judge your intelligence based on how well you speak English. Many would not admit that, though, but they would readily laugh at people who make grammatical mistakes, especially when attending international pageants or speaking on national TV.

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A lot of people think it is a shame for a person to represent his/her country if that person does not speak English as fluently and beautifully as they do. Take for example Manny Pacquiao, the boxing champ from the Philippines who has brought so much fame and honor to his country yet often gets mocked for his broken English.

In Seattle, Washington, an HR manager mocked an applicant for his broken English, even threatening to send the immigrant ‘home’; but this manager would soon lose the job after the story went viral.

An immigrant named Minh Huynh was looking for a job when he found a listing at Dash Delivery; so, he sent his application, with great hope that he could be accepted on the job.

But he was dismayed when the HR manager wrote back a rather rude reply:

Let me tell you now, if you no speak English, I will send you home” – with “If you no speak English” underlined for emphasis.

Photo credit: Emily Huynh / People Chica

Being non-confrontational, the Vietnamese man chose not to write back an equally rude answer but his daughter was so deeply hurt by the insult that she shared a screenshot of the email; though she blurred out the email addresses and the HR manager’s name.

Non-English speakers really have it hard because my dad just got rejected from this job offer. All of [the manager’s] emails we’re [sic] also very unprofessional & passive aggressive,” Emily Huynh wrote.

But the post went viral, with a lot of people slamming the HR manager and accusing her of discrimination. Several law firms also offered to help the family, with a local attorney taking the time to write Dash Delivery to inform them of the HR manager’s shameful action.

Soon enough, a company representative emailed Emily and her dad. The email stated that the HR manager has been fired. It also emphasized that everyone was welcome at the company.

Our company is an equal opportunity employer and it is proud of its diverse workforce,” the Dash Delivery representative wrote.

With so many attorneys offering to help Minh sue Dash Delivery, the company knew it was in big trouble. Luckily for them, Minh was really non-confrontational. He decided to simply let the matter rest and just find a job elsewhere.

Photo credit: Emily Huynh / People Chica

Still feeling proud about her dad, Emily shared the update on her social media page with a heartwarming photo of her dad’s notebook where he wrote a list of English words with their corresponding Vietnamese translations to help him learn… Isn’t he an admirable man?

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