Huge Whale Shark Entangled in a Commercial Fishing Line Lets Divers Move Closer to Cut It Off

The largest fish in the sea, whale sharks can be quite scary yet majestic up close, especially considering that they have huge mouths that could easily suck in fully grown up human beings; thankfully, these gentle giants move rather slow and are not carnivorous, only feeding on plankton.

Their size, however, can lead to a number of disadvantages especially when they move closer to land where there are a lot of irresponsible people. Take for example this huge whale shark found in Socorro Island, Mexico.

Part of its body, just above the fins, was wrapped in a commercial fishing line which was cutting through its skin. This must have been quite painful; thus, when the giant creature saw human divers approaching, it did not swim away. Rather, it let the divers cut away the net.

A few minutes later, the creature was free! Still, although this one was free of danger, there are likely many others (whale sharks and other sea creatures) that have become entangled by man-made stuff without hope of someone cutting those stuff away from them.

This is just so sad…

Whale Shark Rescue

Huge Whale Shark lets divers approach it to cut a commercial fishing line that's wrapped around its body.

Posted by Collective Evolution on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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