Hugs for Sale! Chinese Mom Sells Hugs in Subway to Support Daughter’s Fight Against Leukemia

A mother’s love for her children is immeasurable and unconditional.  And there can nothing be more painful and heartbreaking for a mother to see her child suffering.  She will do the best that she could to help her child and to provide from the simplest needs to the bigger ones.

One Chinese mother proved that a mother’s love knows no boundaries.

In Chonqing, China, a 28-year-old mother named Chen Dejuan was seen standing outside the sub-way station with her 4-year-old daughter, Nanang, who was almost bald and wearing a respiratory mask.  The little girl was diagnosed of having leukemia, a ****** of the blood. In order to support her medication, Chen was selling hugs for 10 yuan each ($1.5) to raise enough funds.

Photo : CQ News

To prove the passersby the truth of her child’s medical condition and be able to convince them to buy hugs from her, Chen will show her identification card and her daughter’s medical records. People had responded positively and she was able to earn 600 yuan ($90) in just over an hour by hugging the strangers.

Photo : CQ News

Chen and her husband spent 70,000 yuan ($10,370) to support Nanang’s leukemia treatment. The earnings that this resilient mother gets from selling her hugs was a big help to sustain the very expensive medication.  She also gets additional donations from people who learned about their situation online.

Medical research shows hugging is extremely effective in healing diseases, loneliness, anxiety, depression and stress. It also builds trust and sense of security and safety. No wonder many people heed to Chen’s hug for sale as everyone suffers emotional problems in different ways, too.

When was the last time you were hugged or you hugged somebody?  This may be the right time to shake off those negative emotions away.  It won’t hurt, anyway!