Humans with Superpowers…They Really Exist!

We often limit superpowers to the superheroes we see on movies because, well, our minds just could not comprehend that mere mortals like us can have extra powers, too.

In the movies, ordinary people can have hidden superpowers but could this also happen in real life? Are there mutants living among us – as supposedly implied by the X-Men series?

It would actually be fantastic to discover that mutants like the Wolverine and Jean Grey exist. This might be creepy but still awesome, right? Fans like me would surely love to meet them in person, even if it means our sure demise. Uh oh.

But seriously, there existed some humans with unexplainable superpowers that rank them on the same level as the mutants in the movies.

Here’s a list compiled by YouTube’s Hybrid Librarian…prepare to be amazed.