Humble Tennis Champ Earns Praise for Unexpected Special Treatment of ‘Umbrella Boy’

Novak Djokovic currently ranks world No. 2 in men’s singles tennis by the Association of Tennis Professionals yet the Serbian has shown humility in a moment that was caught on video and had since gone viral across social media.

In the clip, Novac could be seen sitting on a bench beside the court and arranging his stuff. It was raining and a young ‘umbrella boy’ was standing at his back, holding a large umbrella for the tennis champ who was also wearing a hooded jacket.

Screenshot from video shared by Dr. Sunday Adelaja / Facebook

A few seconds later, Novac invited the boy to sit beside him. Much to the crowd’s surprise and delight, the tennis champ did not take the umbrella from the young lad and held it himself to shelter them both from the rain, he also gave the boy a bottle of Perrier (a premium brand of natural mineral water) and let the boy hold his tennis racquet.

It was clear that the young man was excited about all these while the crowd was glad to see such humble actions from Novac who was the world’s number 1 at the time the video was taken!

The video had gone viral, with Novac earning praise from many netizens – even from those who didn’t admire him before as tennis player! Many commented that Novac truly showed the boy and the world what it means to stay humble and rooted to the ground despite having reached the peak of success…

Check out this heartwarming video:


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Posted by Dr. Sunday Adelaja on Monday, August 15, 2016

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