Hundreds flock to attend ‘Beyonce-inspired’ mass in San Francisco

  • A ‘Beyonce-inspired’ mass was celebrated in San Francisco, USA
  • The mass used songs by Beyonce and related them to spirituality and motivation
  • Hundreds flocked to join the ‘unique’ mass
Image Capture of Video by Arron Hoff via Twitter account

A church in San Francisco, USA had tripled on its number of churchgoers after they celebrated a ‘Beyonce Mass.’

The Grace Cathedral, an Episcopal church,  used Beyonce’s songs to help express spirituality and how it helps them face issues in society.

Revered Yolanda Norton, Assistant Professor of Old Testament at San Francisco Theological Seminary, delivered the sermon. The cathedral was in dim lights as Beyonce’s songs like ‘Freakum Dress’ and ‘Countdown’ were played. The choir also performed a gospel-rendition of the Destiny’s Child song ‘Survivor.’

Reverend Jude Harmon shared with ABC7 News, “We didn’t expect this response. We thought it would be kind of a small exploration as a community about what it means to lift up black female voices because traditionally the church hasn’t done a great job of that.”

Even on social media, #BeyonceMass trended as followers were impressed.