LOOK: Hunters Find Strange 8-Legged Piglet after Shooting a Pregnant Wild Pig

A group of hunters were hunting out several wild pigs which were stealing food and messing with the livestock at a farm in Texas when they realized that one looked quite pregnant.

One of the hunters, 21-year-old Jesse Garcia, recalled that the group tried to save the piglets after learning the pig they had shot was pregnant. The sow had eight piglets — and the hunters were able to remove all of them; although the piglets were already ****.

The last piglet was strange, though, because it had two bodies and a total of eight legs!

He wrote on Facebook, “It’s hard to want to hunt at night knowing you have work in the morning, but tonight was definitely something not only to remember but to experience as well.

Jesse shared the piglet’s photos and a video of strange creature — and these easily went viral on Facebook, where it has been viewed for over 6.6 million times, within just a day after it was posted!

In answer to a number of comments saying they shouldn’t be killing the pigs, Jesse revealed, “The people who own the place want the hogs killed. It messes with the land and livestock.

it turned out the uncontrolled population of wild pigs has become a problem in Texas and that the state has reportedly allowed the use of poisoned bait to have them killed; although the plan was put on hold after some protests.

A number of people have already made offers to buy the strange pig but Jesse is holding on to the creature and had it frozen, until someone offers him a price he couldn’t resist. The bids have increased to a few hundred dollars!

He mused, “For the right amount of money, anything’s for sale. We’ve never seen anything like it.

Watch Jesse’s video of the strange piglet here:

Source :

Dallas News

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