Husband Breaks Down in Photobooth when He Notices Surprise Announcement

A couple were having fun in a photobooth, taking pictures of fun moments together when the wife springs an awesome surprise announcement that had the man crying in joy.

It was a great way to break down – and the moment was captured on camera.

Now, at first the lady asked her husband to put his arms around her. Then, when the camera was about to shoot, she held up a sign with “Baby” on a piece of cloth. The husband did not notice the words on the cloth until a few seconds later.

When he discovers she is pregnant, this big hunk of a man broke down and cried. Isn’t that something truly beautiful? He did not seem to mind that there were cameras in that photobooth. He simply let his emotions go. Men like that are truly awesome, don’t you think so, too?

Watch the heartwarming surprise pregnancy announcement video in the photobooth here: