Husband Expects an Apple Watch Upon Seeing His Birthday Gift But Receives Something Extra Special

For her husband’s birthday, Catie Reay of Casper, Wyoming, decided to surprise him with something she knows would be more precious than anything he could ever receive on his big day: a positive pregnancy test stick!

To surprise her guy, she placed the test stick inside a box of something that he would surely love to receive on his birthday, too: an Apple watch. Now, the watch would be a great gift, of course, but there is no doubt that a baby is much more wonderful!

Handing the gift to her husband, she filmed his reaction – and it was truly amazing!

Smiling upon seeing the box and expecting the Apple watch, the tough guy was soon in tears upon seeing the positive pregnancy test stick inside! The moment was so sweet that the video was not only popular among the couple’s friends, it was soon all over social media and viewed over 12.6 million times on Facebook and close to 3 million on YouTube within just a week after it was posted!

Watch the touching moment in this video:

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Posted by Catie Reay on Thursday, September 10, 2015