Husband Pranks Wife with ‘Heartbreaking’ Note

Imagine yourself in this situation: You’ve just gotten married with the love of your life– you’re on Cloud 9 and enjoying married life.  One day, when you come home, you find a note from your other half—not just an ordinary note, but a strange one, saying that for a number of reasons, he’s done, he’s leaving you. What would your reaction be?

This was the note that the newly-wed wife found when she came home:

Photo credits: Reddit / Proudly Humble

Reddit user proudlyhumble posted this photo (his newly-wed friend made this for the wife). At first glance, the note is heartbreaking and will surely leave the wife devastated–but wait, there’s more!

Fortunately, it was not what she thought it was, because shortly after seeing the “supposedly-heartbreaking” note from the husband, she noticed another paper beside it, which turned the whole idea around, because that extra piece of note changed the context of the original note. Take a look!

Photo credits: Reddit / Proudly Humble

Brilliant, isn’t it? (Thank heavens, it was not a windy day when the husband placed the note there).

What do you think, guys? Have a great day everyone! 🙂

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