Husband Surprises Wife with This News: She’s Pregnant!

More often than not, it is the wife who surprises her husband with news that she’s pregnant – but the announcement was reversed for YouTubers Sam and Nia. It was Sam who told Nia she’s pregnant! How did that happen?

Well, this is quite TMI (too much information) from Sam but he claims that Nia never flushes the toilet in the middle of the night because she’s afraid their kids will wake up. So, armed with his camera and a pregnancy test kit a day after she told him she missed her period, he went to the toilet early in the morning to get a sample.

Viewers get to watch the lines appear on the test kit – with Sam going bonkers after realizing his wife is pregnant! He was soon frantic as he began looking for a great way to announce the pregnancy to Nia. But when he told her to get the test kit from his pocket, she just laughed hard thinking he was pranking her – and the kids told him only mommies get pregnant. LOL.

Watch what happens as Nia realizes she was not being pranked but was actually pregnant for real: