Husky Gets a New Chance at Life Through the Help of an Indonesian Dog Lover

Dogs are man’s best friend, so they say. They are reliable companions, dependable allies, and a loyal friend who will never leave their human, despite any circumstances. But dogs, on the other hand, also need their human to take care of them.

Sadly, there are dog owners who neglect their precious pets. Worse, some even abandon them.

Image from Rico Soegiarto

Ten months ago, an abandoned Siberian husky was found by Rico Soegiarto from Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. The dog was malnourished and was in the terrible shape that he could barely stand. Reduced to his skeletal frame, there were patches of baldness on the dog’s head as he was also suffering from excessive hair loss.  Rico took him home and gave the dog the best care that he can.

Image from Rico Soegiarto

After giving the dog a nice shower, he let him eat a healthy meal and brought him to a veterinary clinic for a check-up. Rico did these things regularly for the several months that followed and the lanky dog soon became healthy.

The dog lover’s care and the loving environment he provided helped transform the dog’s health condition from terrible to excellent.

Image from Rico Soegiarto

Rico posted pictures of the dog’s transformation online, and the netizens praised him for saving the dog’s life. Some even congratulated him for a job well done and wished that there are more people like him in this world.