I Didn’t Expect the Shark to Do This to the Aquarium Diver…Unbelievable!

Sharks are apex predators – and it would certainly be quite foolish to approach one unless you are wearing a diver’s suit made from impenetrable metal (such as mithril?) but what if one approached you? What would you do?

If I were to answer that question, I would definitely say I would swim away as fast as I could. It might be a lost cause but I would not want to be an easy meal for the shark!

So, when I found a video on ViralNova wherein a shark swims towards an aquarium diver while the latter was busy cleaning the tank’s glass, I watched it with apprehension, fearing the worst. I surely would not want to see anything with lots of blood, especially in a tank so beautiful and blue.

Thankfully, the shark did not bite the diver but it did something totally unexpected! I wouldn’t spoil the surprise. Watch the video here: