I Didn’t Know a Dress Could Do This! JLo’s Amazing Animated Gown…

There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez, popularly known as JLo, is an amazing artist – whether she is singing, dancing, acting, or judging/coaching on American Idol.

Truly, she’s an amazing person, especially when you look at her eternally youthful face and body.

Now, if you have been following the latest season of the American idol, then you have probably watched this awesome video featuring JLo and her amazing animated gown. Many were captivated by this masterpiece, especially people like me who have not seen a dress do that before!

Here’s the video of JLo singing “Feel the Light” while wearing her stunning gown. The performance matches the song’s theme. It is clearly a sneak peak of “Home”, an animated movie.

After seeing the video, I’d say I wish I could watch Home soon.