I Thought This Was Just an Ordinary Delivery…When the Doctors Moved, Wow!

As Alicia Alston was being wheeled to the delivery room, her husband Brandon took one last loving pat on her belly.

In the video, it first appeared to be an ordinary delivery but when the doctors moved, I realized this was an awesome moment. This video features the delivery of not one but four bouncing babies!

Because the delivery was made via C-section, the first two babies were born in the same minute while the other two were also born on the same minute. Cool, isn’t it? Their birth certificates will show just how fast their mommy delivered them. In fact, the delivery was so fast that the doctors at the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center said it was a “fast and furious” delivery. LOL.

According to SF Globe, the couple had been trying to have a baby for several years. So, when Alicia finally got pregnant, the couple was ecstatic.

They became more excited upon learning she was carrying 4 babies! Just imagine all of those years of being just the two of them – then, suddenly, they are 6! Truly awesome!

Here’s the video of the momentous delivery: