Iceland Offers $2,000/Month to Foreign Men Who’ll Marry Their Women? Not True!

Iceland recently became the victim of fake news circulating that the country is offering a whopping $2,000 allowance per month to foreign men who will marry their beautiful women. A lot of women from the country have since been bombarded with queries from men interested to sign up for the bonus. Ouch. What an insult.

After the story went viral and a lot of women became harassed by these interested ‘applicants’, the country issued a statement that such a ‘bonus’ was untrue. But the explanation didn’t reach many people and the women continue to be bombarded with friend requests and private messages from foreign guys. Sigh.

Photo credit: Viral Thread

The $2,000 per month allowance was really the deal-breaker, with many of the guys feeling excited that they are now going to get a huge sum of money each month, with the added bonus of getting married to these gorgeous women – as the photos on the site showed, anyway.

Photo credit: Viral Thread

Also, the site seemed to have been backed with legit statistics which stated that the country only has a population of over 330,000 people in 2016, and most of the residents were women; thus, the Icelandic government was offering the bonus to boost their numbers.

Photo credit: Viral Thread

But a quick Google search shows that the population pattern in the country has been steady for the past decade, with the number of men and women being roughly the same. So, no, the country is not in dire need of men that they would resort to paying foreign men $2,000 a month just to marry their beautiful women.

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