Imagine an overnight in a life-size snow globe.. Just… WOW.

Want to have an unforgettable camping experience? Why not try sleeping on this kind of tent in the middle of the forest? Sounds unbelievable? But believe me, this is all possible. While I was browsing the internet for one of a kind outdoor camping experiences/tourist packages, I came across this website, Attrap-Reves, ( and saw the packages that they offer.. And boy, was I amazed with their packages.


Proven best for people who love adventure but would like to still have the comfort of a hotel, one can avail of one of their packages which ranges from marriage proposals, anniversaries, or a gift to someone special, which would definitely make someone’s day.

Imagine having a life-size snow globe.. not where there’s snow inside, but with you inside, watching the snow fall down outside? A user from posted these two photos just recently, and even though there’s no description on where this life-size almost snow globe can be found, I instantly fell in love with the place. 

How about having this kind of place as a vacation getaway? Just. Amazing. 

Who wouldn’t be mesmerized to have this as a place to relax and take your worries away?