Impressive Boy Fulfills Lifelong Dream of Becoming a Skater Even If He Has No Legs

After an accident made him lose his legs when he was still 6 months old, Maxim Abramov could have lived a life bound to the bed, but this boy managed to teach himself to be just like everyone else – and would become a real skater, even if has no legs!

A fire at his home in Far East Russia made him lose his legs, but Maxim is lucky to have been adopted by a loving, caring family who supported him in everything he ever wished for. Others would have prevented him from using a skateboard out of fear for his safety, but Maxim’s adoptive parents supported him all the way.

Photo credit: Maxlullove / Instagram

Living in St. Petersburg, Maxim a lot of kids playing with their skateboards. Though he didn’t have legs, Maxim’s adoptive parents got him prosthetic ones; but when he started training to use a skateboard, he ditched these legs and used his arms for propulsion.

Now 10 years old, Maxim is so great at being a skater that he got the attention of American professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, known as one of pioneers of modern vertical skateboarding. Tony reposted Maxim’s Instagram video, saying that he has great admiration for this young kid!

Photo credit: Maxlullove / Instagram

For who would have thought that someone with no legs could still do something as difficult as balancing on a skateboard and doing impressive tricks that even a lot of people with complete legs could not do, huh?

Maxim has become Tony’s ‘new favorite skater’, the famous athlete announced – and the kid certainly deserves it! He has a growing number of Instagram followers, many of whom admire his impressive skills and see him as a great inspiration to strive hard to reach their dreams.

Photo credit: Maxlullove / Instagram

If a kid with no legs could become an awesome skater, then anyone could also dream big and reach for that dream to make it a reality!

Source: The Moscow Times