Incredible 5-Year-Old Japanese Girl Knows How to Cook Dinner All By Herself

A very amazing girl from Japan already knows how to take care of herself and her family members. At a very young age, she knows how to do laundry and even cook dinner for her father.

Hana-Chan, 5, lives in Fukuoka, Japan and lives an independent life with her father. A typical toddler would normally get up and prepare himself for going to school but little Hana gets up, feeds her pet dog, and then goes to her piano lessons before going to pre-school.

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After her school, she does laundry, fold laundry, clean the bathtub and the entire house, and then cook dinner for her father. Her speciality is miso soup which was taught by her late mother, Chie.

Chie survived ****** in 2001 and married Shingo Yasutake. They were blessed with a lovely baby girl, Hana.

Meeting my daughter is indeed a miracle in my life. I treasure her with all my life, more than I love myself,” Chie wrote on her blog. She used to write about her thoughts and feelings about her family, especially to Hana.

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Unfortunately, when Hana was 9 months old, Chie’s ****** came back.

Whether I have ****** or not, I’m supposed to die first. It can’t be the other way around. This is why I have to die without any regrets,” Chie expresses her thoughts on her blog.

Chie wanted her child to do as much as she can so whenever the time comes that she has to leave her, she can do the chores and cook for her family all by herself.

Hana-chan, knowing how to cook is important in your life. I would teach you how to handle knives and do household chores. Your education is not complete without knowing these survival skills. As long as you’re healthy and independent, you can survive anywhere,” Chie said.

At the very early age of 4, Hana can really hold a knife and can cook. Her mother also gave an apron to her as a birthday present.

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In 2008, Chie left her 5-year-old daughter and her husband.

Hana wrote a letter entitled ‘To Mama” for her late mother. In one part of the letter, she said that she can make a whole bento now and she does not cry anymore.

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Shingo made a book full of inspirational thoughts from Chie’s blog and it was entitled ‘Hana-channo Miso Shiru: 8 Life Lessons from Yasutake Family’.