The ‘Indestructible’ Nokia 3310 Returns! Iconic Mobile Phone Set to be Relaunched Soon

Here’s good news: The Nokia 3310 will return soon!

The smartphones of today’s generation might have tons of features and capabilities but when it comes to sturdiness, nothing beats the older generation models like the iconic Nokia 3310 which was known to many as an ‘indestructible’ phone.

As people upgraded to newer models capable of taking photos and browsing the internet, the Nokia 3310 and similar models were phased one. It is now so rare to find a Nokia 3310 in the market these days that the ones being sold are probably just used/preloved units.

But during its heyday, the Nokia 3310 sold 126 million units across the world and was recognized as one of the best-selling mobile phones ever!

Photo credit: hamderser

Today, people often compare newer smartphone models with the ‘indestructible’ Nokia 3310, noting that the classic phone only needs to be charged once a week. It can also survive heavy use – including getting thrown to great distances, just because the owner got a little careless or was actually trying to test his phone. LOL.

This coming end of February, the world’s biggest mobile trade show called Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is set to become the venue for the relaunch of the revamped Nokia 3310!

For now, Finnish company who now has exclusive rights to market the Nokia brand, HMD Global, has not released details regarding the ‘resurrected’ Nokia 3310 but it is expected to be as indestructible as the old models!

But the price just might be a setback for some, especially because this is actually ‘just’ a feature phone – or is it? Perhaps HMD Global has turned it into a mini smartphone with its old indescribable features?

Speculations are rife over this but the rumored selling price is at around $62 (Php3,100) — definitely less than its first price of $160 (Php8,000) but still a bit pricey considering a lot of feature phones today sell for just a third of that price!

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