Indian Man Rants on Facebook Video after ‘Racist’ Interview at a Singaporean Company

Looking for a job despite having high educational attainment can be very hard. Some companies may seem to have impossible requirements to meet while some have very high standards when it comes to hiring employees.

Some companies require specific requirements. like speaking a specific language.

An Indian man living in Singapore shared his video on Facebook about his frustration with these specific job requirements that can be used to discriminate different races.

Image: World of Buzz

Tharenii Muniandy made a ranting video about racism that he encountered while applying for a job in the IT sector.

Apparently, he received a call from a company and the person on the phone asked if he could speak Chinese and he answered, “Yes.” Then the person asked more personal questions like “Are you Chinese?” but when he replied that he’s not, the person replied: “Sorry, we’re only looking for Chinese-speaking people.”

He replied to the person on the phone in Mandarin saying: “Yes I can speak Chinese, I’m not lying to you. Please give me a job.

His video went viral with over 1,300 reactions and 1,400 shares and 68,000 views.

Many Singaporeans agreed with his rant, saying that some companies are so racist. They even shared some of their experiences.

“Been there! Went for an interview, spoke Mandarin, was told they wanted Chinese who spoke Chinese as it was a Chinese company with Chinese employees!!!” a netizen said on the comment sections.

Surely, job hunting was really a challenging battle to face but talking to a specific company who has a high standard of job requirements is much harder and really frustrating.

Watch his video below: