Indian school transforms old trains to classrooms to improve attendance

  • A school in India observed a decline in the attendance rate of their students due to the lack of a permanent classroom
  • In order to resolve this, they came up with a creative idea
  • Teaming up with South Western Railways Company, they turned old train cars into vibrant classrooms

Attendance is one of the problems a government-run school in India has been observing. They would notice that as the school year progresses, the number of pupils attending classes declines. This is why they came up with a bright idea that will help solve this — they transformed old trains into colorful classrooms.

Image from video of SWNS via YouTube

Teachers in Ashokapuram Primary School observed that the number of pupils attending classes is steadily dropping. They believed that this was due to the lack of permanent and decent school buildings that are conducive to learning and will allow them to focus.

Ashokapuram Primary School decided to partner with South Western Railways Company. Authorities from the two agreed to transform two old trains which are no longer fit for railway usage into classrooms.

Image from video of SWNS via YouTube

“The coaches, which were officially declared unfit for railway use, were renovated. At present, the school has 60 students from standard 1st [grade] to 7th. Many come from families below the poverty line,” Good News Network quoted the spokesman for South Western Railways as saying.

Now, what was once considered useless has been converted to the schoolchildren’s second home. They are even equipped with facilities just like an ordinary classroom — desks, blackboard, fans, lights, and colorful room decorations, as well as informative posters. All these developments cost them only $915.

Since the transformation, the teachers in Karnataka, India noticed an increase in attendance rates because students were excited to see their colorful classroom every day.

Sources: Good News Network, SWNS