Indonesian CEO Entrepreneur Comes Up with Amazing Idea to Let People Pay for Healthcare with Garbage

Healthcare is one of the basic necessities of every human being. Unfortunately, a lot of people can’t even afford to send themselves to the hospital whenever they feel sick.

Gamal Albanisaid is an Indonesian healthcare entrepreneur who made The Garbage Clinical Insurance that allows the poor to pay for their healthcare with garbage.

Though it may sound crazy, this type of system has been working good for over 7 years. It started in 2010 when Gamal, the CEO, was only 21 years old. He was inspired with the country’s small health budget and to give the poor an alternative solution to paying for their insurance.

Image of OddityCentral

“You have people who can’t go to the hospital because they don’t have money. So I started thinking, if you don’t have money, what do you have? There’s garbage everywhere on the ground, so we decided to use garbage as a financial resource,”  he told OddityCentral.

Image from OddityCentral

A person who would like to get access to basic healthcare should collect around 3kg of recyclable materials each month. Garbage includes plastic, metals and even organic garbage that can be used to make fertilizer.

There are already around 2000 recipients of Garbage Clinical Insurance that have access to basic healthcare services in three special clinics in the hometown of Malang, East Java and one near the capital city of Jakarta.

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