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INSPIRING: This Woman Sheds 82kg in 13 Months to Become a Model

Most of her life, this Morrisons Supermarket worker was fat.  Though, no one from her school made fun of her, her self-esteem is low because she was too fat.  Sure, this story sounds like a common thing since that happens every day, but it would be hard to believe that someone can lose 82 .55 kilograms (182 pounds) in just 13 months. Now, her whole life changed as she is now a model.

katie changes
Katies’ transformation. Image by the Mirror.

Katie Garner was able to shed half her weight to become a model and live healthier.  Now, as a model, this 28-year-old lives a different life.

katie 3
Image by the Mirror

The agency saw my photos and approached me to audition for them. I would never have dreamed in a million years that I could be a model, but I’ve got a whole new confidence after losing so much weight,” says Katie.

katie 4
Image by the Mirror

What was the Turning Point in Her Life?

This is not the first time that she tried to lose weight as she had done it many times before; but every time she tries, she fails.  In 2015, her grandfather died because of health problems.  He was too fat and that contributed to his demise.  Katie was afraid that by the time she turns 30, her fate would be the same.

katie 5
Image by the Mirror

The Solution

She joined Slimmer World and had to change her eating habits.  It took her 13 months before she was able to shed 182 pounds to settle at 175 pounds, which is perfect for someone whose height is just 5’7”.