Inspiring Video of Armless Toddler Feeding Herself Using Her Feet Goes Viral

Isn’t it amazing how there are people who have missing body parts yet they manage to make the most of what they have left and don’t even complain about their lives? Indeed, these people are oozing with so much positivity that they make awesome role models as they always remind us to be thankful of what we have.

There’s this inspiring video of an adorable toddler who was born without arms but has managed to teach herself to use her legs and feet to compensate for what she does not have.

Screenshot from video by Awesome World / Facebook

In the clip, the tot could be seen eating using her feet! Despite the obvious difficulty she is having, she joyfully goes through the task without complaints – and her table does not even look messier than the usual mess any other toddler makes while eating!

Isn’t she inspiring? Kudos to you, little girl!


Incredible baby

Posted by Awesome World on Thursday, February 2, 2017