INSPIRING: What the Starbucks Barista Didn’t Know When She Wrote ‘Smile’ on My Coffee

Sometimes, even when we don’t notice it, the smallest and simplest things that we do can brighten up someone’s day. Any act of kindness, whether big or small can go a long way. There comes a time when we might not know it but our gestures can change the life of someone around us (whether we know them or not).

Let us share to you the story of Bekah Georgy. When Bekah Georgy went in to get her regular Starbucks coffee one morning, she wasn’t expecting to have an emotional reaction. However, a fairly small gesture ended up affecting her deeply; the word “smile” written on the side of her coffee cup. A simple SMILE can make a BIG difference! 

In her post in The Mighty, she opens up our eyes to the power of words with her open letter to the Starbucks barista who served her that day.

Here’s how her letter goes.

Dear Barista,

You didn’t know me and you didn’t know my story. Most importantly, you probably didn’t know writing the simple word “smile” on my order would change my day for the better. When you look at me, you might assume I’m happy, bubbly, outgoing and full of life. But you don’t really see the complete me. You wouldn’t know that behind this plastered smile is a girl who has broken and fallen to pieces. You wouldn’t know this girl had so much self-hate, she starved herself  for over half her young life. Or that she’s tried to end her own life five times. I’m guessing you didn’t know these past few weeks, and that day particularly, had been extremely hard. You were just going about your job, unaware that writing a minuscule word on my drink would change my day and possibly my life.

Maybe you wrote “smile” on my drink because you saw the feeding tube. Or maybe you could see past my fake smile because you’ve been where I am. Either way, I’m grateful. You didn’t have to make my order special. You could have treated me like another annoying customer. But you took that extra second to add some positivity to a life that’s been filled with so much negatively lately.

You see, my day consisted of a horrible doctor’s appointment and a horrible therapy session. I was filled with hopelessness, and my suicidal thoughts were getting worse. When my anorexia is bad sometimes coffee is the only thing I can drink. But I was afraid to consume even coffee that day. If I hadn’t encountered that cup, I could have done more damage to myself that night. When I read that word, I couldn’t help but smile, literally.

A simple act of kindness can mean the world to someone. It can provide hope for the hopeless. Now I plan to pass this hope along. So barista, thank you. Thank you for turning my day around.

Photo Credit: Bekah Georgy
Photo Credit: Bekah Georgy

Bekah plans to continue to “pass this hope along” by sharing it with the world.  Share Bekah’s inspiring story with your friends to help us spread her word of hope.

And hey, while you’re here, why not go and also make someone smile today? 🙂