Instant Karma? Clever Bear Plays **** after Getting Shot, Attacks Hunter Who Checked to See If it was ****!

Hunting is a fun sport for many but there are lots who oppose to the idea of people killing animals just for fun – and these same people are now laughing at the hunter who quickly became the hunted when a clever bear plays **** after getting shot, then attacked him when he check to see whether it was ****!

In the video shared by High End Hip Hop Entertainment, a group of hunters were going after a black bear who was high up in the trees.

There were at least three guys in the group, with the two located a safe distance from their target and were the ones designated to shoot the bear and take the video. The third guy stood close to the tree where the bear was on, probably there to get the best view of the hunt.

Photo credit: High End Hip Hop Entertainment / YouTube

It wasn’t indicated in the video but we’ve got a feeling he was a rookie hunter.

A few minutes into the clip, the primary hunters began taking shots at the bear who fell to the ground. Seeing that the bear was no longer moving, the third hunter rushed to the creature, thinking it was **** – but he got the surprise of his life because the bear was only pretending to be ****!

Exacting his revenge, the bear stood up and attacked the hunter! The hunter now has become the hunted! Screaming in fear, he tries to run away as his companions rushed to help save him.

The video cuts off right there but according to the video uploader, the man survived with “minor injuries”. The fate of the bear was not reported but considering the hunter was able to survive the attacks, the bear was probably finished off by the two other hunters.

Still, animal rights groups are having a laugh at how the clever bear was able to exact its revenge on the hunter.

Watch the video here: