Instead of Drawing a Portrait the Regular Way, French Artist Creates Masterpiece Using 1 Million Dots

Can you imagine creating a drawing using dots, instead of doing it the regular way? Well, it would surely be more difficult to work this way yet French artist David Bayo has mastered the art of using dots to create his portraits that the result will surely leave you amazed!

In a video he shares on YouTube, Bayo shows us just how he creates his portraits. Entitled “”BAUHAUS,” 1 Million Dots — Speed Drawing”, the video starts with a pencil sketch outlining the face of a woman. From this, Bayo begins to put dots in key areas that would soon bring the woman to life!

Screenshot of video by David Bayo / YouTube
Screenshot of video by David Bayo / YouTube

It is quite incredible how he is able to achieve the effect of an amazing portrait when he was only using dots! Of course, this portrait required a LOT of dots – in fact, he estimates it to be a million.

Surely, this video will amaze you:

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