Instead of Spending for Daughter’s Lavish Wedding, Businessman Uses Money to Build a Village for Homeless People!

Many people would readily spend a lot of money for a wedding because it is one of the most momentous events in one’s life but a wealthy dad in Maharashtra, India had nobler things in mind when his daughter was preparing for her wedding.

It is a tradition in India for the bride’s family to spend money for their daughter’s dowry and on her wedding day but dad Ajay Munot thought it would be a better idea to use the money allocated for his daughter’s wedding to build houses for homeless people!

After all, a wedding celebration lasts for just a day (or a few days) but houses would last a lifetime and would surely be beneficial to more people than just spending the money on the feast.

Some of the homes the homeless families received

According to reports, the businessman donated a total of 108 houses for homeless people; though only about 90 homes were finished and completed just in time for the wedding. Munot is not asking a single cent from them in return. He wants them to consider this as a wedding gift from his daughter.

So, how does his daughter feel about it? She’s not angry at dad at all. In fact, she thinks her dad’s idea to build houses for the poor is truly the most wonderful and biggest gift for her wedding.

Munot spent a total of Rs 70-80 lakh ($115,000) for the houses – surely, that was money he can easily spare for the wedding but it truly had a better, nobler purpose now that it was used to give shelter to these people.

What do you think of Munot’s idea?

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