Instead of Throwing Her Bouquet, Bride Does Something Awesome for the Single Ladies at Her Wedding

It has long been a tradition in weddings for the bride to throw the bouquet to the single ladies in attendance – and the one who catches the bouquet is believed to be the next bride; though that is, of course, not an absolute mandate for the lady to get married.

While many brides continue this tradition just for fun, one bride did something that deviated from tradition but was welcomed by those in attendance and, as it went viral, the rest of the world!

Social media user Gina LaPan shares her story on Facebook page, Love What Matters.

At our nephew’s wedding today. The bride offered a special gesture…” LaPan wrote. “Instead of throwing a bouquet to all the single girls, she took apart her bouquet and handed each girl a flower and prayed with each girl, to wait on the man that God has for them.

Photo credit: Facebook - Gina LaPan/Love What Matters
Photo credit: Facebook – Gina LaPan/Love What Matters

The gesture might not be traditional but it made waves across social media.

I think that was very thoughtful. Of course, most women do not “need” a man to be complete, but it never hurts to remind young women not to be in a hurry to get married,” Laurel Walker commented. “Some may decide that is not for them, but for those who do wish to get married, for heaven’s sake, wait for the right partner to come along.

Another commenter defended the bride’s action from bashers who commented on the post.

To everyone complaining and saying things like she shouldn’t be praying for their future man or that it focuses too much on that… I’d like to remind you that the bouquet toss is already all about finding a man and that stuff,” Kris Chick wrote. “Personally I hate the bouquet toss, because nothing makes me feel better than being shoved onto a floor with 20 other women who pushing and shoving over a bunch of stupid flowers that are supposed to predict your love life (that was sarcasm btw). This keeps the spirit of the bouquet toss alive while making it sweeter, more personable, and honestly safer.

Chick added, “Now stop trashing this woman. She gave her heart to these ladies. You don’t like? Do it your way and stop telling her what she should have done.

So, what do you think of the bride’s non-traditional ‘bouquet toss’?