iPhone 8 Plus Remains Intact Inside Burning Mercedes Benz

Many mobile users had considered and trusted Nokia as an ‘indestructible phone’ for its durability for many years. But based on this incident, it seemed like iPhone 8 Plus had taken its place.

Photo: Digital Spy

On November 26, a Singaporean lady was driving a Mercedes Benz to bring her friend back to her apartment. When they reached home, both of them smelled something burning so they got down from the car to check where it was coming from.

Shortly, they noticed that the front part of the car had sparks and was starting to burn so they immediately moved away from it. Not so long, they heard about 4-5 explosions coming from the car and the fire spread rapidly that within a few minutes, the Mercedes was totally ‘eaten’ by the flames.

Photo: Sinchew

At that point, there’s nothing more the two can do so they just called the fire department.

Since the Mercedes had burst into flames quickly, they didn’t have the chance to save their belongings inside the car including an iPhone!

Apparently, the Singaporean had just bought an iPhone8 Plus for $1000 and just left it in the car still unboxed. So, when the car burst into flames she also lost hope in still having her brand new iPhone as definitely, everything in the car was already turned into ash.

When the firemen put down the flames, they checked on the Mercedes and found the box of the iPhone8. When they opened it, they found the phone which looked untouched and had no traces that it had gone up in flames.

Photo: Sinchew

In fact, a smartphone technician was surprised after learning about the incident as most phones would definitely melt under extreme heat or their batteries and LCD screens would be damaged unless they were wrapped in a protective material that will prevent them from being damaged. The technician then concluded that the woman was so lucky that her iPhone8 Plus survived the fire.

Photo: Sinchew

Unfortunately, what happened to the iPhone wasn’t the same with the Mercedes Benz which was totally destroyed in the fire.

Meanwhile, Singaporean police had concluded that overheating caused the car to burst into flames.