iPhone Sent from US Possibly Switched En Route, Becomes Two Boxes of Baking Soda Upon Delivery

Instead of the iPhone 6 Plus [currently valued at P40,000 (US $800)] sent by her cousin in the US, two boxes of baking soda were inside the package received by Briza Ann Rapal of Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental in the Philippines.

Rapal had waited excitedly for the package to arrive but, to her horror, it contained the baking soda boxes which, upon closer inspection, were actually manufactured in the Philippines!

Angered by the apparent theft, Rapal demands a thorough investigation on the matter especially because the boxes of baking soda were far too cheap to match the value of her lost phone.

Photo credit: Shiela Joy Labrador/ABS-CBN News Northern Mindanao
Photo credit: Shiela Joy Labrador/ABS-CBN News Northern Mindanao

A local Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost) mailman had personally delivered the package to her home but the postmaster said their office is in charge of checking if the mail had been tampered with before delivery. The postmaster said they “do not know anything about the lost package” and that the package “went through the Express Mail Exchange Department of the Philippine Postal Corporation in Pasay City, Metro Manila.”

The office is still waiting for formal complaint from Rapal but the latter was adamant that an investigation be done on this matter. But it seems that her phone is going to be lost forever and she might never find justice over the theft…

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