Is He the World’s Nicest Traffic Cop? Meet the Traffic Officer Who hasn’t had a Complaint from Drivers for the Last 20 Years!

Having people hate you comes with the territory of being a traffic cop. But I guess, this does not apply to the story we will share to you, the story of the world’s nicest traffic cop.

Fifty three-year-old Elton Simmons has been a Sheriff’s Deputy for Los Angeles County for just over 20 years. In that time Simmons has made more than 25,000 traffic stops and surprisingly, he has not received a single complaint from the drivers that he gives the tickets to.

Twenty five thousand traffic stops and yet zero number of complaints for the past 20 years? I bet L.A. Sheriff’s Deputy Elton Simmons is no doubt well aware of all the downsides and stereotypes of his job. He knows that grumpy drivers— often just irritated about getting a ticket — put in complaints most of the time about traffic cops, which will then be placed in the officer’s personal file.

Yes, Sheriff Simon’s personal file is full. But incredibly, instead of complaints, it is packed with commendations for the last 20 years and over the two decades that he has served, he has not got any single complaint! Of the last 25,000 traffic stops he has made, not one person has complained about him.  Isn’t he amazing?

While still asserting authority, Simmons ensures that he treats people on his level and doesn’t act superior to anyone. According to him, “One thing I hate is to be looked down on—I can’t stand it—so I’m not going to look down at you,” he explains.

His boss, Capt. Pat Maxwell, couldn’t believe it too, when he first discovered that Simmons had a zero record.

Simmons says his motto is ‘Do good, be good, treat people good’, and receiving a ticket from him might actually make your day.

We hope others will follow suit and we will have more traffic officers like Sheriff Simmons!

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