Is She The World’s Most Beautiful Soldier? Absolutely Gorgeous!

Soldiers are known to be tough and brave – so, there’s this stereotype image of men with hulking bodies and women with boy cut hairstyles. It is for this reason that one beautiful Russian girl’s photos in military outfit became viral online.

It’s not what you think, though…

Photo credit: Orzzzz
Photo credit: Orzzzz

Everyone thinks that Elena Deligioz is a gorgeous soldier; with several sites calling her as the “world’s most beautiful soldier”. She definitely looks awesome but did you know she’s merely pretending to be a soldier for cosplay?

Elena loves military stuff so much that she actually opened a store selling various military uniforms, guns, knives, and various memorabilia, according to Orzzzz. Known for her stunning beauty, it was but natural for Elena to model the products in her own store.

When these photos hit the internet, people were amazed at how beautiful she was that they did not bother checking whether she was a real soldier or not – because they thought she really was one! We can’t fault them, of course, as she does look mesmerizing. And if she would really join the army, then she would certainly be among the world’s beautiful soldiers!

Check out some of Elena’s stunning photographs here:

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