‘Isang Kahig, Isang Tuka’ Old Siblings Celebrate New Year with Empty Stomachs, Get Much-Needed Help from Netizens

A pair of siblings in Panay, Capiz recently went viral after their sad plight was shared on Facebook by police officers who were giving out food and white gifts to less fortunate people in the locality.

According to Police Officer Maenel Loyola Torreblanca, they found the old Berrey siblings in a small hut. When they were given food, the two immediately ate because they hadn’t eaten that day yet. Photos of the siblings were also shared by Jam Sheed Villaruel and were soon picked up Facebook pages of various blog sites.

Photo credit: Maenel Loyola Torreblanca / Facebook

A lot of netizens commented how it was sad that these two were abandoned by their family members and that they surely have nephews and nieces or other family members who could have given them food but because no one is helping them out, they had to rely on themselves.

Old as they were, the two had a difficult time finding food so that they have to go for days without food. If they are lucky, they get to eat once a day.

Taking pity on their plight, several netizens soon sent food and supplies to the Panay Municipal Police Station (MPS) as the station’s officers were the ones who found the old siblings. Several people also donated money which the police officers used to buy more food for the two.

Shortly after New Year’s Day, Editha Berrey was rushed to the hospital.

Photo credit: Aubrey Eenay Adnarab / Facebook

The police officers of Panay MPS took turns in taking care of the old lady. They are appealing for the public to help pay for the old lady’s hospitalization bills and medicines – all donations are to be coursed through Panay MPS for transparency.

Isn’t it great that cops and netizens are helping these two siblings out even if they don’t personally know the two? This just shows that love and compassion still exist in the world…

Photo credit: Panay MPS

For donations and more information, contact Panay Municipal Police Station.

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